Acid-bright and filled with so many levels of fucked-up, the Classroom Section scene from “Snowpiercer” definitely was a favorite showstopper.


1. Lots of very important POC, and they have key roles. Don’t be fooled by the white male hero, it’s not what you think it is.


2. A teenage asian girl who is not over sexualized. Not a single woman is over sexualized actually, even those who could have been due to circumstances.




‘Jon will want me, even if no one else does. He’ll call me “little sister” and muss my hair.’ ASoS

OMG I always got teary when Jon and Arya thought of each other.

I haven't watched all the episodes but I've seen a few references to Tina being autistic. I know it's not a serious show but I'm curious about this. Like, does the family call her that just bc she's an awkward teen? Thoughts?


(okay please feel free to correct me on any of the following)

if I’m remembering right, the only mention of Tina being autistic takes place during the pilot. it was a joke made by gene and louise in reference to Tina being awkward with the customers.

so yes? sort of?? gene and louise call her autistic because she’s awkward — but it’s denied by bob and never used as a joke past the pilot.

It was just that one episode and it was meant as a joke

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this has 86,000 notes. God bless everyone loving Sansa Stark finally. 




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